Our function is to enable our students to communicate in English. A child learns his/her native language by listening, observing, contextualizing, understanding and repeating.


Our aim is to create the conditions and atmosphere in which they can learn a second language the same way and at the same time have fun. We teach, not only in a standard classroom situation, but also through activities. These range from sport, computers, cooking, art and crafts, nutrition, dance and many more.


The ASB EXAM CENTER located in Indautxu, Bilbao is a center dedicated to preparing the Cambridge exams for boys and girls from 14 to 17 years old (young) and over 17 years old (young adults).


The SAT is an entrance exam accepted by the universities of the United States and also by more European universities to evaluate the preparation of students for university work. The exam is based on the work that students are already doing in class on the subjects of English and Mathematics.


I would like to welcome you to the website of the EFL (English as a Foreign Language) section of the American School of Bilbao. As you browse, you will find that we have two campuses, one in the American School in Berango and the other in the centre of Bilbao (ASB Exam Center).

Parents are aware that if their children are to be well prepared for the universities and job market of the future it is essential that they are able to speak English. Since our first Summer Program in 1984, our main aim has been to create the conditions that will enable the student to communicate in English. We have found that language learning is more efficient when students have fun and participate actively in the classroom. In order to achieve this goal we offer dynamic and motivating classes backed up by modern technology such as a computer room and interactive whiteboards in most classrooms. In addition, we offer a large range of activities (sports, cooking, yoga, arts and crafts) which are removed from a formal classroom situation and allow the students to enjoy themselves and learn English in a natural environment.

In recent years there has been a demand from parents to receive some recognition for the years their children have attended the various EFL programs. As a result we now prepare older students for the University of Cambridge exams (First Certificate, Advanced and Proficiency course) at both our campus in Berango and the ASB Exam Center in Bilbao.

I hope you will take the opportunity to discover more about our different programs and I look forward to welcoming your child to the EFL department soon.

Hugh FitzGerald
EFL Coordinator