What’s going on in the IB Diploma Programme at ASB?


Yesterday marked the last day for DP May external examinations that started on April 29, 2021. These exams are very important because they close a 2-year cycle characterized by hard work. The students have worked extremely hard, of course; but so did the teachers, who guided them in constructing the necessary knowledge and developing the essential skills; that so did the families, offering endless support especially in times of stress and anxiety that came with the academic pressure.

The students will be awarded a final grade which will dictate their future in terms of which universities they attend and course of studies they will follow. There are universities that give students conditional offers based on the grades students get in certain subjects; for example: “ a 6 out of 7 in all HL subjects”, or “a 5 out of 7 in Math HL”.

Results are published on July 6, 3 PM every year on the IB website and that very same day, the ASB community will be able to access our website to find out the ASB 2021 class average for the year. Up until now, the vast majority of ASB graduates have been able to reach their goals and have been offered a place in a university of their choice, in Spain and beyond (US, UK, Ireland, The Netherlands). We are confident this year will not be an exception.

Congratulations to the class of 2021!

A huge THANK YOU to the ASB Staff and ASB families for their continuous support. 


The Graduation ceremony will be celebrated in the school premises on Saturday, June 12 at 12:00 PM and will be restricted to teachers, graduates and their immediate family members. 


The academic year comes to an end packed with activities for DP 1 students. 

June 7 marks the deadline for the first draft of their Extended Essay (the long feared 4000 word paper based on a topic related to one of the 6 subjects they take). Soon after that, they shall  meet with their supervisor for feedback and to plan the work that needs to be done over the summer to be ready to submit their final draft on August 15, 2021.

They are also working on their TOK Exhibition, one of the Internal Assessment components, where they have to approach a prescribed question and develop it using 3 real world objects.

Finally, they are getting ready to have their second formal interview with the CAS Coordinator to produce the Progress Report 2 that will guide them on what to do over the summer (remember that CAS is an 18 month long subject, that should not spot over the summer ). Most students have completed their personal project (and if that is not the case you will soon receive a communication from the coordinator) and are also taking part in various meaningful service activities with CAritas and Fidias helping children in danger of social exclusion with homework and socialization after school.


Individual orientation meetings started today with grade 10 students and parents. This year, parents will join us virtually from home or their workplace while students will be with Mariana Curti in her office.

The main objectives of these meetings are:

  • Clarify doubts and questions about the Diploma Programme at ASB.
  • Analyze academic and personality tests records and results to be able to suggest options and paths to follow
  • Guide students in the strategic choice of classes and levels to choose for DP taking into account all of the above.

If you are a 10th Grade parent and you have not yet made an appointment or have not received a link to join the Meet, please email Mariana Curti (mariana.curti@asob.es)