Welcome back to school

Welcome back to school

Dear Families,

The first week of school is over and it’s a pleasure to see our students picking up where they left off in June.  With the increase of numbers of students and split classes we are adjusting to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

There appear to be many more autos dropping off and picking up students in the access area.  I appreciate your patience in driving slowly and making sure students are safely on the right side when dropping off your own child.  It certainly makes a difference.  As for the afternoon pick up, I suggest parking along the edge of the grass as such:

This will allow more space to assist in our dismissal.  

Please note: Upper school students are being dismissed at 15:27 and buses are departing at 15:35. The times are different compared to last year as we don´t want to shorten the time of instruction during the last period. 

Starting on Monday, Upper School students from 6th through 10th will be taking the MAP examinations, followed two weeks later by primary. 

Open House for Primary will be on Tuesday, September 28th followed by Upper on the 29th

If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please make sure to contact your program coordinator.  The Lower School Principal and I are always available for any of your queries. 

It was good seeing all of you throughout this week and your well wishes and support is greatly appreciated.  We are looking forward to another successful year at ASB.  Enjoy your weekend!!

Rafael Trinidad