Trip to Poland 2018

Trip to Poland 2018

Travelling is always an exciting experience but when you do so for a purpose, it is always a more enriching one. We had heard Mr. Howard talk a lot about Poland and the concentration camps but none of his talks had got us ready for the experience we were to live.

During this trip, we had the opportunity of visiting unbelievable places. What made this experience even more unique was the temperature; we had very low temperatures down to -20º C. The temperature could sometimes be too extreme but this definitely made this trip much more exciting.

the Oskar Schindler museum was one of the most meaningful places of the trip. This museum was connected with the movie “Schindler’s List,” which we watched in 8th grade. Visiting this site in person leaves you with a completely different mindset and feeling from the ones you might get watching the movie.

However, the most incredible experience of all was Auschwitz. We had to wake up at 6 in the morning and travel for an hour and a half to reach the camp. Thanks to a great tour guide, we were able to hear stories about how Jewish people were tortured by the Nazis. What really made an impact on our feelings was seeing all the shoes and other items which had been carried by the Jews, in the hope of moving to a better place. This made us realize how cruel and hard life can  be.

Besides visiting these historical sites, we also had the chance to visit the incredible city of Krakow. We had a tour guide who took us all around the city. The spectacular cathedral, the Jewish district, and the old town of Krakow were some of the many things we visited.  She was a wonderful tour guide and she told us stories we have never heard about before.

Furthermore, we were also able to learn lots of cultural experiences from Poland: tasting the food, meeting the people and trying to understand the language. We even had the chance to go shopping, to buy Polish souvenirs for our family.

Finally, Poland was a new country for all the students and this trip resulted in a plethora of new experiences. We all had a great time, and were able to see and learn about things that, but for this trip, they wouldn’t have experienced. This has indeed been the experience of a lifetime. An experience you only live once.