Reasons to use technology
In the classrooms

From the ASB perspective, technology can improve efficiency, communication, and access to information.

Likewise, from the point of view of teacher and students, technology presents three compelling and relevant reason for use:


Technology not only enables students to access more and better resources, but also provides faster and more versatile methods for gathering, sharing, and manipulating information.


Technology enables the teacher to engage the student longer or more actively with the subject matter by accommodating a wider range of instructional methods and learning styles.


Technology enables teachers to move beyond memorization and regurgitation and to foster innovation and creativity, by allowing students to pursue more than one path in a shorter amount of time, or by engaging them through multimedia or multisensory experiences.

Goals of
Technology Integration

At ASB, we believe that to manage technology integration well, teachers must recognize several goals for the process.

Awareness of these concepts will help prevent technology from derailing the curriculum or becoming an end in itself.

  • Academic technology should be an integral part of educational program.
  • Academic technology should be introduced to support the curriculum.
  • Academic technology should advance curricular innovation.
  • Academic technology should be used where it is needed.
  • Academic technology should be as transparent as possible in the classroom.


As a conclusion, at ASB we believe that successful integration of technology in the classroom happens when we see:

• Students engaged in learning

• Teachers choosing and shaping the learning environment

• Learning objectives being reinforced

• Opportunities for discovery, creativity, and collaboration.

• Innovation that was previously impossible or impractical

• Appropriate, relevant access to the technology

• Technology supporting the curriculum as transparently as possible

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