Mission & Vision of the
Students Support
Services Department

We believe that the uniqueness of every individual adds value to society.

In line with this, the Student Support Services Department (SSSD) is dedicated to enhance the quality of education for individuals with special learning needs, by providing appropriate resources to help them succeed.

The Student Support Services Department will:

Help individuals with learning difficulties to attain their fullest educational and personal potential.

Help students develop the necessary language skills to integrate socially and succeed academically.

Help students achieve an emotional balance that will help them be successful members of the school community.

Help students develop a positive and realistic self-concept.

Encourage students to develop independent skills that will enable them to function normally in their everyday contexts.

Teach students strategies to cope with their academic and social problems (organizational, memory strategies and social skills training)

Help students develop basic skills in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics.

Provide individualized instruction through modification of programs and environments, working collaboratively with teachers, providing a structured environment with technology use and counseling support to cope with their learning problems.

Work together as colleagues within and across disciplines and grade levels.

The SSSD will support teachers in their work with those students whose curricular needs require setting up of special teaching strategies to meet their particular needs, interests and/or abilities.