The American School of Bilbao is recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education as a “Foreign School Located in Spain” since 1981.

As such, the government validates the required courses that our students undertake which later facilitates the transfers into other institutions of learning.  These required courses add another dimension to our international curricular offerings through classes in Spanish Language and Culture (Social Sciences) as well as classes in the Basque language.

Since education is governed by the autonomous regions in Spain, the local educational authorities in the Basque Country respond to our request for the validation of the required course offerings we provide as well as sets the requirements for these courses such as the number of learning hours needed.

To complete the validation process, we require that you provide the following documentation when registering your son or daughter at ASB (these requirements may be case specific):

1. Academic information if entering Grades 8-10 (Secondary Education):

          1.1. If the student comes from a Spanish school: Certification issued by the school with the final    results for each school year starting with 1st  ESO.

          1.2. If the student comes from an overseas school: Certification issued by the school with the final results of each school year; a sworn translation with the “Hague Apostille”. The ‘Apostille’ is not needed if the center is in a State of the European Union.

          1.3. If the student come from a “Centro docente extranjero en España” (“Foreign School Located in Spain”): Certification issued by the school for each school year, stating the final academic results in all subjects, including the mandatory Spanish Language and Culture and, where appropriate, the course grades for the language of the autonomous community where the school is located.

2. Academic information for entering Grades 11 and 12, which, upon completion will be validated with the Graduate Degree of Secondary Education or “Bachiller”:

2.1. The degree conferred upon completion of the course of studies required for the Obligatory Secondary Education (through Grade 10) or, if from a foreign school, approval to graduate in Secondary Education through Grade 10.

2.2. If applying to Grade 12, in addition to 2.1 above, the chosen IB subjects have to correspond with the ones offered in our school. Please contact our IBDP Coordinator, Dr. Irene Sendra, at for further clarification.

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Jon Ciarrusta, at