Reflections about the MUN Conference  at St. George’s International School

Reflections about the MUN Conference at St. George’s International School

On Friday, 29, and Saturday, 30 January the Model United Nations students represented ASB at the Saint George’s International School MUN Conference.
MUN is an activity some students embark on in which they debate a current global issue, individually representing a country and that country’s position on the issue. By the end of the sessions, delegates have to come up with a solution for the conflict in question.

On Friday morning, delegates arrived at ASB as usual but headed directly to their conference rooms. Delegates had two topics to choose from: the Crisis in Yemen, or the Denuclearization of North Korea. The conference was held online. The conference kicked off at 9 o’clock all of the students started to debate in their specific committees. They were joined by students from British and German schools that were all invited to attend the St. George’s School MUN Conference.

Our MUN Mentors brought us all types of snacks for our very much needed break. Every student worked hard on representing, not only their designated country but our school.
On Saturday morning, the debates continued, however, each delegate was working from home. We are proud to say every delegate worked diligently until the end even though it was on a weekend morning.

Speaking as a delegate, this was an incredible experience. We made friends from around Europe and we had a chance to show our point of view and be part of a conference, which is already amazing considering the year we have had. At one point we weren’t even sure there were going to be any conferences this year. We are all so grateful to all the teachers and students that made this meeting possible.

Respectfully Submitted,
Gabriela Giménez and Claudia Carrascal