The Journal Club is a student-run club which creates a school newsletter every trimester, reporting on the most important events happening at ASB. It started in 2013, and all articles are written by students, and photos come from both students and teachers. The final newsletter is then edited and organised by the heads of the Journal Club, who are currently Diego Arteche, Angelica Spadaro and Alessandra Spadaro. These students from Grade 11 contact student writers and photographers, edit and translate articles when necessary, and bring them all together into the final version of the newsletter. These responsibilities are then passed down every year as the heads of the club graduate. The Journal Club is a great CAS activity, fulfilling both the Creativity and Service components, yet the writers are not only IBDP students, but rather, from all ages starting in grade 7. The newsletter is sent out to all parents at the end of each trimester, providing them with an entertaining source of information about the activities of their children at ASB. In this section you can find all of the past years’ newsletters. We hope you enjoy it!

– December Newsletter (download)

– April Newsletter (download)

Past Newsletters examples:

– 13-14_Term1_ENG.pdf

– 14-15_Term3_ENG.pdf

– 15-16_Term2_ENG.pdf

– 16-17_Special_Edition.pdf