News from EYC

News from EYC

Dear ASB Community,

What a fantastic start to the year in Preschool and Nursery!   We would like to share what we have been doing in our classrooms and show you our displays which are currently in front of our classrooms.  

We are learning so much while we practice making marks with lots of different materials.  Our teachers set out a large paper and we first explored what messy crayons are all about.  The next day they prepared an invitation to learning with paint arranged like a rainbow along with paintbrushes.  Sometimes we used the brushes and at other times we preferred to dip our hands in the paint to feel it.  Can you see our hands on the paper?  We kept working on our project and used black markers another day to make scribbles on white circles.  Finally, we were provided with black circles and made marks with white crayons or white paint. We are practicing how to take off stickers with our tiny hands and this part is still challenging for us!  We always help with the cleanup by washing our tables and our hands.  We think it is just great that we have little sinks that are just right for us.

We teachers are so proud of the youngest learners at ASB!!!



Big hug from, 

Beth, Izaskun, Maria, and Kelly