MYP 2 Wildlife Virtual Exhibition

MYP 2 Wildlife Virtual Exhibition

During the first part of the year, MYP 2 students have been working on a global awareness project where we have been developing ideas to come up with a final product to save a specific animal or environment. Since the beginning, we have been guided by the following statement of inquiry “By collaborating, we increase Global awareness and develop sustainable communities”. At first we worked on several activities where we analyzed the Key Concepts: Communities and Collaboration, Related Concepts: Resources and Sustainability, and the Global Context of Globalization and Sustainability. 

From then, we started our own research plan to select the wildlife we were helping, why we were doing it and why those specific species were in need. After we made the appropriate connections to our statement of inquiry, we started to develop a plan as it was structured in Criterion B. To make a plan work, we first made a 2D or 3D sketch on paper where we outlined each part of our design. Afterward, we obtained feedback from our classmates in a survey in order to choose one final sketch. Then, we went on and built our models in real-life sizes or as a prototype. We outlined each of the steps and made ourselves a plan to finish it by the due date. 

Finally, after winter break, we started to bring our final product and started to make our own posters to decorate our exhibition. Due to the COVID 19 situation, we couldn’t make a real exhibition where we could explain to the ASB community our projects, so we then decided to film a video to create a virtual exhibition. In the attached video you will see a QR code next to each of our products. Please scan it and it will take you to our own survey where you can give us feedback. This learning journey has been a whole experience that ended throughout the Design Cycle that helped the MYP 2 students be guided through each of the steps. As the teacher said in every class, as designers we can make a difference. We can not only create, with sustainability in mind, but we can create solutions to big problems in the world. We are makers – doers – creators! We just need a plan!



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