Message from the Director

Message from the Director

I hope everyone enjoyed the thrilling game last night between Athletic and Real Madrid. No disrespect to those non-Athletic fans but experiencing the energy in Bilbao when Athletic wins makes me happy.

Another thing that brings me joy is seeing our students happy. With everything we have gone through lately regarding the pandemic, there is nothing better than to see our students enjoying themselves in a safe school. We need to move forward with our lives and try to create the best possible environment to ensure students wellbeing.

Previously, our school´s covid protocols prevented students from playing sports involving balls outside during recess. I am thrilled to announce that starting next week, students will be able to enjoy soccer and basketball during recess.

I want to thank those parents who have written to me with their concerns.  We share the same interest in that we all want what is best for the students at ASB.  Feel free to reach out anytime.

Have a great weekend and take good care.


Rafael Trinidad