Message from the Director

Message from the Director

Dear Families,

It has been 21 long months since we were confined in our homes due to the pandemic.  Here at ASB, we tried to maintain a sense of normality, continuing to provide a quality learning environment for our students. Although we are all looking forward to the days when Halloween Parties, and other live events can resume, we are trying to keep spirits up with virtual events and smaller, modified celebrations.

Since then, things have changed significantly for us all.  We continue to follow our established protocols as best we can to minimize possible class closures due to positive Covid cases.  Originally, only those students who were in close contact with a positive person in the cafeteria were sent home and had to get a PCR test.  Now, with the new protocols from the government, if a student from primary tests positive, everyone, even if they are wearing a mask must be sent home to be tested before being allowed to return to school.

Protocols throughout the city are changing too.  People, although not required, are wearing masks in outdoor spaces.  Steph and I noticed while shopping yesterday, that many of the bars and restaurants seemed empty.  Although there are no restrictions on numbers, indoors or outside, we are now being asked to show our covid passports in order to be served.  We continue to adapt because we are resilient.

We are ready for what is coming and will adapt.  Please know that we are at your disposal for any concerns you have regarding your children so feel free to reach out at any time.

To all of you and your extended families, we here wish you the best this holiday season.  Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.  ‘Till next year.

Kind regards,

Rafael Trinidad