Message from the Director

Message from the Director

Dear Families,

I want to take a moment to extend my deepest gratitude to you and the entire PTO for orchestrating the most amazing Halloween party we’ve ever had. It was truly a historic event, and the enthusiasm and dedication of everyone involved is to be commended.

The sheer turnout and participation in this event surpassed all expectations. It was heartwarming to see the entire community come together to create such a memorable experience for our students. This party will undoubtedly be etched in their memories for years to come.

I would also like to extend a special thanks to the parents who contributed their time, creativity, and energy to make this event such a spectacular success. Your efforts were nothing short of extraordinary, and your commitment to our school community is inspiring. From the meticulously crafted decorations to the meticulously planned activities, every detail was executed with precision and care.

The smiles on the faces of our children were a testament to the magic you all created. You transformed our school into a place of joy, laughter, and spooky delight. It is because of individuals like you that our school community thrives and continues to be a nurturing environment for our children.

Once again, thank you for your tireless efforts and unwavering dedication.   Enjoy your weekend!


Rafael Trinidad