From the MYP Coordinator

MYP 3 Community Project Presentations 

The students in MYP 3 have completed their Community Project Presentations.  These were streamed live via the ASB Youtube Channel to the MYP 3 parents first.  The entire ASB Community will soon access the video recordings via the MYP 3 Community Project Website.

We hope you enjoy the presentations!

MYP Map Testing Schedule

MYP 3 Students
Tuesday, 1 June:

0830 -1000: Science

1150 -1300: English

Wednesday, 2 June:

1150 -1300: Mathematics

Thursday, 3 June:

0830 -1000: Spanish

Friday, 4 June

1000 – 1045: English Reading

MYP 1 and MYP 2 Students
Tuesday, 8 June

0915-1045: MYP 1 Mathematics

1400-1530: MYP 1 Science

Wednesday, 9 June

1000 -1130: MYP 2 Science

1400-1530: MYP 1 Spanish

Thursday, 10 June

0830 -1000: MYP 2 English

1000 -1130: MYP 2 Mathematics

Friday. 11 June

0830-1000: MYP 2 Spanish

0830-1000: MYP 1 English

1000-1130: MYP 2 English Reading

1000-1130: MYP 1 English Reading

Introduction to the MYP for PYP G5 Parents

Dear PYP Grade 5 Parents,

You are cordially invited to attend the “Introduction to the MYP” virtual meeting with the MYP Coordinator, Ms. Nina Franco.  The meeting date is Wednesday, 2 June via Google Meet.  We will have two sessions, one at 1000 and the other one at 1400. We will discuss the same topics will be addressed at both sessions.  This meeting is an excellent opportunity to learn the basics of the MYP and join the other MYP Parent Community.  The topics for the meeting are:

  • Introduction to the MYP
  • Transition Day
  • Learning Expectations
  • School Supplies for MYP 1
  • Questions and Answers

I will send the link to the Google Meet via the Alexia Email Application.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Ms. N. Franco, MYP Coordinator

MYP Student-Led Conferences – Portfolio Presentations

Students in MYP 1 to MYP 3 will present their academic achievements to their parents via the Student-Led Conferences.  These conferences will take place via Google Meet.  The schedule for the conferences was emailed to students and parents via the Alexia Email application last week. If you have not received this information, please contact Ms. Franco via this email address:

The link to attend the conferences will be emailed directly to the parents via the Alexia Email application. The schedule:

  • 31 May to 3 June: MYP 2 Student-Led Conferences
  • 3 – 8 June: MYP 3 Student-Led Conferences
  • 9 – 14 June: MYP 1 Student-Led Conferences