Extended Essay

Congratulations on the completion of the 4000 word extended essay!!



We would love to share with you this very special milestone in the Senior’s journey towards becoming IBDP graduates. One of the components of the DP that certainly helps developing those skills is the Extended Essay. Many, if not all, of ASB DP Graduates confirm that having gone through the process of engaging on the DP’s extended essay improves their approach to learning in higher education. Through the research process for the extended essay that lasted almost a year, these students that are submitting their Extended Essays today have developed skills in: formulating and reformulating an appropriate research question, engaging in a personal exploration of a topic, communicating ideas efficiently and coherently and developing an argument. So today, we are not only celebrating a major milestone in the path to graduation, but also the effort put forth by students and supervisors, the moments of uncertainty, the panic of sitting in front of a blank page in the computer screen, the satisfaction of having completed the 4000 words and more on this research paper that has become part of your memories, dreams, nightmares and excuses for not completing other work. But most importantly, we are celebrating your growth, endurance and the self awareness and autonomy that you have gained in the process.


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