Roald Dahl’s Cinderella

We played Cinderella and had a great Winter Concert!



Roald Dahl’s Cinderella

During 2018,the theater club has been working very hard to prepare the play Cinderella. It is about a young girl trying to get the perfect man with a lot of money but soon figures out that it is better to be loved than to have money. We have met on Saturday mornings, after school and during recesses to work on it. The play was exhibited on December 14. We received a large number of attendees and we are truly grateful to the wonderful public. This work leaves a great legacy in ASB since it has instigated the creation of a theater club.

Director > Clíona Shephard
Head of Costumes and Props > Diego Arteche
Head of Marketing > Teresa Amann
Choreographer > Kristian Hernan
Head of Sound > Andrés Baroja

Cinderella > Lara Young
Prince Eder > Salazar
Ugly Sisters > Paula Rincon
Paula Hernandez
Magic Fairy > Sofia Heras
Narrator > Alessandra Spadaro
Jam Man > Iker Acha
Extras > Derya Özsökmen
Sara Ezcurra
Naia Shephard
Blanca García
Claudia Olmos


The 21 of December, elementary kids prepared some incredible plays and presented them in an incredible Christmas mConcert! The kids had a great time, their parents watched them proudly as they sang and danced. They were all great and filled the school with Christmas vibes.