FIDIAS is an NGO based in Leioa that works on the social integration of teenagers through the arts. They organize different artsy worksop, including drama, dance, choir, music, along with many other activities. ASB students have been working with the organisation in the other fields Fidias has: tutoring children and young students in middle school and organising a book drive. Volunteers of all ages collaborate with kids in Fidias and give a hand with the knowledge they have in order to provide the best service possible. And in doing so, they are not only collaborating with a global cause, but learning as citizens of a wider community and developing international mindedness skills. 

During this process, ASB students have forged a relationship with the children and organisers in Fidias and as the academic year comes to an end, and would like to give back, as a school. Fidias offers students and volunteers all the necessary materials in order to organise the classes, however, there are many kids that whenever they get home might not have the basic resources in order to work on school. Therefore, we thought of organising a collection of school material, because every little step counts. We would like for every kid we have met through Fidias and with whom we have shared meaningful experiences, to go home and be able to study properly and continue developing their skills over the summer.

For all of you who want to participate, you need to bring to school the material that has been assigned to each class. The last day to bring materials will be the 15th June. 

Early Childhood (Nursery, Pre-Kinder, Kinder) 2 boxes of 10 or 12 color markers
Grade 1, 2 & 3 1 box of color pencils (24 units)
Grade 4,5 & 6 4 glue sticks and scissors 
Grade 7, 8 & 9 4 notebooks spirals (80 p/u)
Grade 10 & 11 1 pack of 12 pencils HB or 12 pens 
Teacher Any of the above

And there’s more, all students and teachers who support this cause will receive in return an entry into a draw for one of the following products: 

  • Amazon Echo Show 8″
  • Amazon Echo Show 5″
  • Amazon Echo Dot x3

For every contribution we will hand in a ticket (the number of participations is unlimited).

We have been able to redeem these “prizes” with the points that the school has received for participating in Amazon’s “Un clic para el cole” initiative and the IB team at ASB has decided what better way to use it to support a cause that seeks the educational development of the entire community. 

Starting next week, we will stop by the classrooms at the beginning of the day to pick up the materials and in exchange we will deliver an entry for the raffle to be held on June 15, 2021 at the school. 

Thank you for supporting this initiative.  



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