ASB For Ukraine

ASB For Ukraine

The ASB community has come together to organize a variety of fundraising activities to support different organizations in their effort to help refugees during these harsh times. 

Collecting materials

CAS students have organized a collection of different resources to help the “Asociación Sociocultural y de Cooperación al Desarrollo Ucrania-Euskadi”, local places in the community who are hosting refugees and have varying needs, and the American School of Warsaw who is taking in refugees in their campus and are constantly traveling to the Ukrainian border to support the cause. 

As the needs change each week, this drive will take place from March 14 until March 18. 

Each grade level has been assigned different items, so please pay close attention to which ones your son or daughter needs to bring. To make it easier for students and so that there is no impact on “Covid Bubbles”, CAS students will place a box next to each classroom. When students get to school, they can leave their donations before coming into class. Boxes will be collected during the day and taken to a different area for packing and shipping. 

Monetary Donations

One of the problems organizations are facing is that they need money to make the trip to Ukraine or neighboring countries taking in refugees or to ship the donations we collect and organize at ASB.  At ASB we are not organizing any fundraising at the moment. However, if you wish to contribute by donating funds you can get in touch with different organizations such as “Asociación Sociocultural y de Cooperación al Desarrollo Ucrania-Euskadi” or the American School of Warsaw in Poland, who is currently taking in refugees to live in their premises and need all sort of materials and food items to make their stay a more comfortable one, from sleeping bags, through cleansing items, to food. If you choose this last option you will need to access their ASW website to make a  donation. They are using those funds for different purposes: 

“to transport goods to the border, to pay for accommodation for refugees, to buy tickets for people who escaped to Poland but have relatives in other countries and need to reach them there. We have just sent one person to Australia to her daughter and are still working on a few Canadian travels. Simple things like buying a carrier for a dog! People took their pets with them but to travel further they need cages and other stuff. Again, we do what we can.”

Ligita Stawarz

Service Learning Coordinator

American School of Warsaw  


ASW: Make a Donation

We appreciate your help and support in this initiative and look forward to working together to make a positive contribution to the Ukrainian cause. 

We will keep you posted on any changes or updates. 

We want to thank ASB Pre-school and Nursery classes for contributing with this wonderful image of what they worked on this week: ART on Ukraine’s national flower.

(Feature picture  by Pre-school & Nursery)