ASB CLASS OF 2020: Record Breaking Results

ASB CLASS OF 2020: Record Breaking Results

On July 6, 2020, 174,335 students around the world received their DP and CP Diplomas for the May 2020 examination session. And among those, were our 18 students from the class of 2020 who were awarded a Bilingual Diploma Programme.

This year, one of the most difficult for DP students I dare say, our students have had the chance to show “the great flexibility and commitment ….in overcoming such obstacles”, as Dr. Shiva Kumari expressed in the press release.

And although we believe an IB education is more than the results students obtain in the examinations and has more to do with developing skills such as international mindedness, critical thinking and making the world a better place, we cannot overlook the fact that this year the class of 2020 features a grade average of 38 points, 8 points above world average of 30 points, setting a new record in ASB Diploma Programme History (highest average until now at ASB was 36 points).

⦁ May 2020 world Average: 30 points

⦁ ASB May 2020 Average: 38 points

⦁ Highest May 2020 ASB score: 41 points

⦁ ASB May 2020 Pass rate: 100%

We want to take this opportunity to thank the ASB Community, Teachers, and Staff for their support in making this feat possible.

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