The school administration is set to try to give the best service to students, parents and staff. We are at your disposal for any item on the daily life of your children.

Recently we have undertaken a restructuring of the office to try to improve the service we offer. It currently consists of the following persons:

– Director: Rafael Trinidad
– María Asunción Sáenz: Business Manager
– Arantza Zubizarreta: Accountant
– Itziar López de Lacalle: Early Childhood & Lower School secretary
– Cristina Diéguez: Upper School Secretary
– Mónica Cuetos: EFL program secretary
– Sara Chasco: Business Office secretary
– Ramiro Bayón: Maintenance Manager
– Jokin Bitorika: ICT Director
– Raúl Gallardo: ICT Technician

Upper School Secretary : Cristina Diéguez

She performs secretarial work related to Middle and Upper School. She is responsible for all parents seeking changes related to dining and bus services.

Contact or for bus changes (only allowed in Upper School)

Early Childhood,  Lower School and School Admissions: Itziar López de Lacalle

She is the support person of both sections for teachers, parents and students. For matters related to Early Childhood at and with Lower School at

You will also have to communicate with her in case of admissions to the school at

Secretary of EFL: Mónica Cuetos

She manages administrative tasks related to the courses of English, both in winter and summer, for students outside the school. For any questions about these programs contact her in

Bussiness Office

It is responsible for all tasks related to charging and payment, billing, accounting, etc.

It also handles the relationship with banks and service providers such as cleaning. If you have any questions or need to contact us to discuss issues relating to these matters you can do so by contacting Sara Chasco at or Arantza Zubizarreta at