Welcome to the American School of Bilbao (ASB) Early Childhood Website. At ASB, we aim to provide a safe and stimulating environment for our students to develop their multiple intelligences. During our first two years, we promote discovery and investigation through guided play and hands-on experience. Through their journey of discovery, our program places a strong emphasis on developing many skills, beginning their learning with a fun multi-sensory method to motivate their first steps in literacy and starting their discovery of math.

We are an IB World School that offers the Primary Years Programme (PYP), providing a quality in education program that all IB schools throughout the world set as their benchmark. Please click on our PYP section for more information.

Our commitment to providing a unique environment to our students begins with our staff. We have two full time staff members in each classroom to provide a more individualized learning at these crucial ages.

In our Kinder Novices and Experts class, we begin to learn about phonemes to help us ease into the transition in Lower School. Additionally, numbers become part of our experience as we explore all the possibilities that are available through numbers and counting.

At ASB, we believe in a strong collaboration with parents to cooperate in the education of our students. This partnership provides a solid basis of communication and cooperation to meet our common goal – your child’s success. As a community, we must ensure that all stakeholders work closely to help our students thrive in a complex international community.

Happy learners are life-long learners!

Please feel free to explore the information on our site. Thank you for your visit and I look forward to welcoming you to ASB.

Borja de Arana

Early Childhood Principal