In keeping with its mission and beliefs, the American School of Bilbao (ASB) is a caring school respectful of the needs of all of its students.  ASB is also a forward thinking school that accepts students from all parts of the world. As a school of the 21st century, it seeks to provide the most up to date curriculum.  To ensure the quality of the curriculum the learning is inquiry based and takes into account developmental levels, multiple intelligences, critical thinking and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Learner Profile.

ASB also assures that its students are able to thrive and have equal access to its curriculum. As such, the school has set into practice the procedures contained within this policy in order to safe guard the rights of students wishing to apply and benefit from all of the school´s curricular programs. The school will not knowingly accept students with either academic or psychological issues that the school is unable to adequately address.  If a student is accepted, and it is later discovered that he/she has an academic or psychological issue, the school will reserve the right to end the relationship with the family if the school does not have the resources to provide an appropriate education for the student that will guarantee equal access to the curriculum.