12 Jul 2019

IB Diploma Programme Results 2019: ASB Class of 2019 breaks ASB record

We are extremely pleased to announce that IB results have been released and the 2019 ASB cohort has obtained an average of 35.6 points. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the students, parents and the teachers that worked very hard to make this possible.

ASB Passing Rate: 92% with all ASB students scoring above world average

Average Diploma score worldwide: 29.62 points

Average score for ASB candidates awarded a Diploma: 35.6 points

Highest score for a candidate receiving the IB Diploma: 41 points

Average grade obtained at the school by candidates who passed the diploma: 5.6

You can find more information and statistics on the May 2019 IBDP Exam session on : Over 169,000 students across the world celebrate IB results

(Information provided by IBO-International Baccalaureate Organization)